FDC Cadres Caught in Crossfire as Party Struggles


The recent turmoil within the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has left its lower-level members, known as "cadres," feeling lost and disillusioned. Caught in the crossfire between party factions, they face consequences despite minimal involvement in the internal disputes.

Allegiance and Confusion:

The "dirty money" exposé and subsequent fallout created a perception that the entire FDC is tainted. This has led to confusion and a loss of faith among some cadres, who feel unfairly labelled and burdened by the actions of their leaders.

Seeking a Way Out:

Some cadres have returned to the party headquarters at Najjanankumbi, while others remain uncertain about their future. Many express a desire for reconciliation, but the ongoing leadership disputes make it difficult to see a clear path forward.

Price of Allegiance:

The question remains: was the "dirty money" scandal too high a price to pay for party loyalty? While some believe the party has made efforts to repair its image, others question whether it's enough.

The Future of FDC:

An upcoming council meeting offers a potential glimpse into the party's future. However, with some leaders seen as "free-falling" and the party's image tarnished, the path forward remains uncertain.

Internal or External Fight:

The debate continues on whether the best course of action is to fight for change from within or seek alternative solutions outside the party. Only time will tell which direction the FDC and its cadres will ultimately choose.

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