MPs dismayed after police moves to sell idle Shs28b 'luxury' aircraft

MPs dismayed after police moves to sell idle Shs28b 'luxury' aircraft
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Members of parliament have  tasked the Attorney General and the office of the IGG to investigate  what they termed as  wasteful expenditure by police when it purchased a nine -seater  fixed wing aircraft.

The aircraft cost taxpayers a whooping USD 7,480,000 million (approximately shs28 billion ).

The development followed information that the aircraft has been put up for sale after failure to realise the intended goal.

It has been reported that the aircraft is not designed for non-tarmacked runways, not suitable for police operations since it is designed for luxury travels, police continues to pay expensively to maintain it while the aircraft parts are very expensive given its nature and category of luxury classification.

A section of MPs have since expressed concern over unnecessary procurement without due diligence by the police which has left billions of taxpayers' money put to waste.

The concerns follow new revelations by the Prime Minister Robinah Nabanja on the floor of parliament that the police force is looking at the possibilities of leasing out the grounded aircraft.

The  legislators are now calling for an inquiry into the procurement of the 9-seater 5XPEF/P180 PIAGO AVANTI to ascertain whether it was not just another fraud that Uganda landed itself into.

Information Nile Post  is privy to indicates that the 28bn fixed wing craft has only made journeys totaling to 116hours  ever since its purchase in 2019 and this has been due to operational limitations including its expensive spare parts.

Currently, Uganda police force is in the process of acquiring a new compatible aircraft but only if their burden is purchased off.

In May 2019, the Uganda police force  purchased the  9-seater fixed wing aircraft 5X - PEF/ P180 PIAGGIO AVANTI 2 EVO that cost government shs28 billion  from Piaggio aeroscope, an Italian company.

The purchase brought excitement as it was an addition to the the aircraft  of the force including a 14seater Sokio and the two 107sp choppers.

The Deputy Police spokesperson Polly Namaye is quoted to have said that ‘’the aircraft would help ease transport for officers in addition to air surveillance, rescues and faster response to emergencies among others."

Four years later, the craft is in the news headlines, with the government said to be selling it, but still grappling with who to buy it.

The sale of the aircraft was discussed in 2022, and was cleared by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

After evaluation, it’s cost depreciated to 4,271,709 USD amounting to Shs16.8 billion.


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