New Queen of Busoga Prioritizes Food Security, Education, and Tradition

New Queen of Busoga Prioritizes Food Security, Education, and Tradition
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Jovia Mutesi Gabula, the newly installed Inhebantu (Queen) of Busoga, outlined her eight key priorities during her first public address following the royal wedding. Food security, proper child-rearing, and hygiene emerged as her top areas of focus for serving the people of Busoga.

The Inhebantu demonstrated planting and harvesting practices at the "Inhebantu plantation," highlighting the importance of food security.

She also showcased traditional food preparation by peeling and pounding ingredients, emphasizing cultural preservation.

The eight priorities encompass not just food security but also proper child-rearing, suggesting a focus on education and upbringing.

Encouraging income generation through agriculture is presented as a potential solution to poverty and overall well-being.

Collaboration and Unity:

  • The Kyabazinga expressed gratitude for support during the royal wedding, fostering a sense of community.
  • The Katukiro warned against undermining the Busoga Kingdom, emphasizing unity and respect for tradition.
  • The involvement of the Kampala Capital City Authority Executive Director demonstrates potential collaboration towards shared goals.

Overall, Queen Mutesi Gabula's address outlines a multi-pronged approach to serving Busoga. Her focus on food security, child development, tradition, and economic empowerment suggests a holistic vision for the kingdom's future.

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