MPs ask gov't to retain Karamoja Dev't Agency in ongoing rationalization process

MPs ask gov't to retain Karamoja Dev't Agency in ongoing rationalization process
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Members of Parliament from Karamoja sub region have opposed the government bill to abolish Karamoja Development Agency -KDA under the government program of rationalization of agencies and public expenditure .

The legislators hailing from karamoja subregion contested the bill that had been presented by Karamoja Minister Mary Gorreti Kitutu before the presidential affairs committee of parliament chaired by Jesca Ababiku.

The Karamoja development group was established by an Act of parliament in `1987 to facilitate the political , social, and economic development in the Karamoja sub region.

However, with time, the activities at the KDA drastically reduced as its functions were constitutionally and legally transferred and duplicated under the constitution of the Local Government Act.

However, kegislators from the sub region led by the chairperson of Karamoja Parliamentary Group, Remegio Achia opposed the bill saying Karamoja still needs this affirmative action agency to bridge the development gap with other areas because it is far behind.

"I think rationalisation is an agency based on agencies that have been draining the consolidated funds and duplication of functions where KDA does not follow. The historical mission for which KDA was formed has not yet been fulfilled," Achia said.

Meanwhile, MPs from the region are in talks with the government  to revive the lost glory of the agency.

MPs noted that they had moved very far with the National Planning Authority and the president to revamp the agency only to be hit by the news of its rationalization.

The lawmakers contend that KDA achieved a lot more in the little time it operated in Karamoja compared to what has been achieved by the Ministry of Karamoja.

"KDA has not been a burden to government since it had been abandoned and therefore,  it's time for KDA to wake up and move. We need tyres for this vehicle to start moving,"  Hilary Lokwang , the MP for Ik County.

In the same meeting, the MPs highlighted the policy changes that rendered KDA inactive which included establishment of office of the Minister for Karamoja Affairs to coordinate and monitor the implementation of policy , government projects and programs with a view of giving affirmative action to the Karamoja sub region among others.

Steps to repel the KDA Act 1987  started in 2012 when the First Lady Janet Kataha Museveni,  the then Minister for Karamoja Affairs in a  letter  communicated cabinet approval of the principles of the bill to repel KDA.

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