Ssemujju: NRM leaders are fortune hunters, Museveni followers

Ssemujju: NRM leaders are fortune hunters, Museveni followers
Ssemujju Nganda

The Member of Parliament for Kira Municipality, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda has lambasted the leadership within the National Resistance Movement (NRM), accusing them of lacking genuine leadership qualities and being mere followers of President Museveni.

In an interview with NBS television, the no-nonsense legislator targeted what he perceives as a dearth of leadership within the NRM ranks.

"There are no leaders in the National Resistance Movement, there are just Museveni's followers," he asserted.

Drawing a comparison to past regimes, Ssemujju highlighted the ostensible presence of leaders during Milton Obote's tenure, citing instances of public celebrations and support.

Referencing Museveni's age, Ssemujju talked about the political manoeuvres within the NRM, particularly as the president approaches his eightieth year.

"At 80, you are tired," he emphasized, alluding to Museveni's previous statement regarding leadership fatigue at the age of 75.

He accused certain NRM members of opportunism, suggesting they are positioning themselves for succession in a post-Museveni era.

"They are just schemers in NRM who, at this stage, think because this year Museveni will be 80 years old, they are positioning themselves," said Ssemujju.

He alleged that these individuals are banking on the prospect that Museveni may choose to pass the reins of power to his son, Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, as opposed to stepping down from office altogether.

Ssemujju minced no words in characterising these NRM figures as "fortune hunters" and "schemers," motivated solely by self-interest and opportunism.

"If Museveni chooses to hand over to his son, I will be one of those historical ones who have been promoting his son,” he quoted, emphasising the calculated nature of their actions.

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