21,000 people killed on Ugandan roads in five years

21,000 people killed on Ugandan roads in five years
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The latest police annual crime report has indicated that  4806 people were killed in crashes on Ugandan roads, to put the total of people killed in five years to 21,042.

The latest report released on Wednesday indicated that there has been an increase in the number of people killed on Ugandan roads since 2019.

For example, the deaths in 2019 were 3880, 3663 in 2020, rose to 4159 in 2021, 4534 in 2022 and then 4806 last year.

This has been the same trend for the number of people those injured in these crashes.

For example, the number of people seriously injured in road crashes moved from 9,635 in 2019, 8,370 in 2020, 12,589 in 2021, 15,227 in 2022 and 16,736 in 2023.

The accidents

The report indicates that there was a 16% increase in the number of crashes reported on Ugandan roads from 20,394 in 2022 to 23,608 in 2023.

Of the 23,608 crashes in 2023, 4179 were fatal, 12,487 were serious and 6942 were minor.

The report shows that the three greater Kampala Metropolitan districts of Kampala, Mukono and Wakiso recorded the highest number of accidents at 9861, followed by Rwizi region in Western Uganda with 1192 crashes, West Nile with 950 cases , Albertine region with 813 crashes and Greater Masaka region with 782 accidents.

The crashes involved 37,449 vehicles, with motorcycles the most involved at 13,386 , motorcars at 10,398 and 2,663 omnibuses.

The report shows that most crashes at 2,131 were registered in December while July saw 2,099 crashes whereas January saw the least number of crashes in 2023 at 1,787.

However, the report shows that the month of July had the highest number of crashes which involved people who died, at 457 whereas November had the lowest cases of fatalities  at 332.


The report shows that over speeding caused the most number of accidents at 6297, careless overtaking at 5933 crashes and following to close to the vehicle infront at 1211 crashes.

The report also highlights unknown causes,  passing too close, other causes, sudden entrance from the road side, violating traffic direction, sudden turning, careless pedestrians, brake failure and driving under the influence of alcohol as the other causes of these crashes.

Commenting about the report, the Traffic Police director,  Lawrence Niwabiine said there has been a steady increase in the deaths on Ugandan roads.

“These crashes occurred between 6pm to 8pm , similarly, deaths also occurred between 6pm and 8pm. We still continue to lose the age below 35 years and this is the productive age of our economy. We continue to experience a rise in crashes and deaths as a result of boda bodas . The most vulnerable road users were pedestrians and  motorcyclists and pedal cyclists,” Niwabiine said.

He urged road users to be careful while going about their business .



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