Contractor abandons Getom-Toroma Road project

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Contractor abandons Getom-Toroma Road project
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KATAKWI - The State Minister for Works, Musa Ecweru, has voiced strong discontent towards CME Enterprise Construction for their abrupt abandonment of the Getom-Toroma road project.

The contractor is accused of vacating the site, leaving the project unfinished, without any explanations.

The 12km Getom-Toroma low-cost sealing project holds immense significance as a vital linkage from Kumi by ferry to Toroma and Katakwi cattle market.

Anticipation soared among locals for the economic benefits promised by the construction of this road.

However, their hopes now teeter on the brink of disappointment as the engineers overseeing the project have deserted their posts.

Charles Ojilong, the director of CME Contractors, said they have only temporarily ceased work during the Christmas period, with operations resuming later.

Yet, this explanation failed to assuage the skepticism of locals like Godfrey Obaiet, who disputed the claims, citing a glaring lack of progress on the 12km road.

"The constructors' claims are false, as no significant progress has been made on the 12 km road," said Obaiet, echoing the sentiments of many residents.

Eng Stephen Kiwanuka Kitonza, the commissioner of roads and bridges in the Ministry of Works, echoed Minister Ecweru's frustration, criticizing the sluggish pace of the project despite ongoing efforts.

Ecweru has promised to take decisive action against those found in breach of their contractual obligations.

His stern stance emphasizes the gravity of the situation and signals the Ministry's commitment to ensuring accountability in infrastructure development projects.

The rift between stakeholders and contractors highlights the need for effective oversight and swift resolution to prevent further setbacks.

As the community anxiously awaits the resolution of this debacle, the fate of the Getom-Toroma road project hangs in the balance, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the prospects of economic development in the region.

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