Chief Justice to engage the Uganda Law Society over Controversy of Errant Judicial Officers, Judicial Independence

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Chief Justice to engage the Uganda Law Society over Controversy of Errant Judicial Officers, Judicial Independence
Chief Justice Owiny-Dollo

The Chief Justice of Uganda Alfonse Owiny-Dollo has committed to engage the Uganda Law Society over their accusation of no judiciary independence within the sector and the issue of the errant judicial officers.

During the launch of the 2024 New Law Year, the Chief Justice expressed utmost dissatisfaction with how the learned fraternity of the bar reacts to what they deem dissatisfying from the Judiciary.

The Chief Justice said some lawyers abuse the judicial officers, insult them and ridicule them which will not leave the bench easily palatable in insults.

"We believe and welcome criticism. Anyone who doesn't believe in criticism is headed for doom but them that criticism should be constructive," said CJ Owiny Dollo.

According to the Chief Justice, some lawyers want to behave as if they can damage this country and run to another planet.

"The Judiciary of Uganda which I head has never failed to follow the law in its administration. Therefore, we took the oath and no amount of insults, abuses and ridicule will threaten us. We swore to rule without fear or favour," warned the Chief Justice.

The Chief Justice then advised the victims of abuses like the Head of the Civil Division of the High Court, Justice Musa Sekaana to deal with any perpetrators of the act.

The Trigger of the ULS - Judiciary Impasse:

It began with the letter that the President issued to the Chief Justice advising the judiciary to exhibit commonsense over the Court of Appeal's ruling on the sale of certain Moslem property.

Later on, ULS's contempt intensified after Justice Byaruhanga's Tilenga oil land Dispute, which prompted the society to organise an extraordinary meeting to petition against the absence of judicial independence.

The Civil Division of the High Court issued an injunction barring the ULS Extraordinary Meeting, and members of the Uganda Law Society pushed for a boycott of the New Law Year.

"You are saying you boycott the Law Year, what if we also boycott your presence in court and we say that Litigants should represent themselves? What type of legal profession are we building?" asked the Chief Justice.

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