ULS president Oundo to the Judiciary: Walk Your Talk of 'A People Centred Approach to Justice' 

ULS president Oundo to the Judiciary: Walk Your Talk of 'A People Centred Approach to Justice' 
ULS chief Bernard Oundo

As the Judiciary kicks off the 2024 New Law Year, the president of Uganda Law Society Bernard Oundo has tasked the judiciary to walk their talk of seeing a people-centred approach to Justice.

In his address, Oundo asserted that access to Justice cannot be people-centred in a state of affairs where there are allegations of missing persons without clear answers, external interventions in Judicial decisions, illegal arrests and general judicial accountability.

"There should be no direction from the fountain of honour as to how the Judicial officer should conduct their work," said Bernard Oundo.

The president estimated that once the approximately 652 judicial officers practice justice that is people-centred as per their theme during the just concluded Annual Judges Conference, the judiciary would be a model sector before the eyes of the citizens.

"The theme entails enabling practice environment that promotes Rule of Law and independence of the judiciary, a platform that allows the bar to speak for justice of the common Ugandan," remarked Oundo.

Further still, the president also hinted at the recent court injunction issued by the Civil Division of the High Court, barring them from conducting their Extraordinary meeting as unfair and a contravention of their freedom of assembly.

"We are not apart from court until we deal with the issues that we are raising. Some of our members wished us to boycott this New Law Year launch but even as we criticise, we will do it fairly to create bar-bench harmony," added Oundo.

The President further pledged to continue emphasising professionalism and morality among the members of the bar.

However, Attorney General Kiryowa Kiwanuka called upon the Uganda Law Society to know its limits and accused the society of attempting to discipline a judicial officer through their Extraordinary Meeting.

"I was appalled by the Law Society by their conduct of trying to discipline who they deemed an errant judicial officer. Why not out for court instead of going beyond boundaries" said the Attorney General, Kiryowa Kiwanuka.

The Attorney General further tasked the bar to desist from what he called unnecessary criticisms to the interactions between the Executive and the Judiciary as arms of government.

"You are intermediaries between the public and the courts but discussions between the President and the Chief Justice are beyond your jurisdiction."

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