Deputy Speaker Tayebwa Demands Comprehensive Report on Road Conditions

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Deputy Speaker Tayebwa Demands Comprehensive Report on Road Conditions
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Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Thomas Tayebwa, has issued an ultimatum to the Ministry of Works and Transport, urging them to present a detailed report on the state of roads across the country.

This directive comes in the wake of assurances from State Minister for Transport, Fred Byamukama, regarding the government's commitment to enhancing Uganda's transport infrastructure through projects like the Kampala-Jinja expressway.

During a parliamentary session, Minister Byamukama outlined the proposed Kampala-Jinja expressway project, which includes the construction of a 77-kilometre stretch from Kampala to Jinja and a 20-kilometre segment of the Kampala Southern bypass.

The Minister highlighted key features of the project, including eight lanes for the initial three kilometres through Nakawa, six lanes for the subsequent 17 kilometres, and four lanes for the remaining 57 kilometres of the Kampala-Jinja section.

Additionally, the Kampala Southern bypass will feature four lanes for the 20 kilometres connecting the Northern bypass to the Kampala Entebbe express spur.

Procurement efforts to select the appropriate private developer are underway, with construction anticipated to commence soon and expected to span five years.

Furthermore, the government has begun acquiring land for the project, having already secured 45 kilometres, with plans to acquire the remainder within the next two years.

However, some legislators have raised concerns about the need for a comprehensive plan to address current traffic congestion on the Eastern route and have called for a detailed report on the state of all roads nationwide.

Tayebwa, echoing these sentiments, emphasized the importance of addressing broader transportation challenges beyond individual projects.

As the government pushes forward with infrastructure initiatives like the Kampala-Jinja expressway, the demand for comprehensive planning and transparency in road development remains a pressing concern for legislators and the public alike.

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