Rupa community in Karamoja receives brand new ambulance

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Rupa community in Karamoja receives brand new ambulance
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The Minister of State for Minerals Peter Lokeris has applauded Sunbird Resources Ltd for fulfiling their promises in changing the social status of the region through both their corporate social responsibility activities, and through estsblishment of development ptojects such the clinker factory.

Lokeris said ,the Rupa Community Trust(RUCODET) calculated the surface rights that were paid hence clearing the entry of the investors into the land.

He hailed the West International Holdings for having come to invest in Karamoja saying they are "our partners towards the transformation of the economy."

Lokeris was speaking at a brief ceremony in the which Sunbird Resources ltd, a subsidiary of West International Holding company-was donating a brand new stare of the art ambulance to the Rupa Community Development Trust (RUCODET) on behalf of the Rupa community.

The event, held in the presence of district leaders and stakeholders, marked an important milestone in the region's development and showcased the commitment of both Sunbird and the government to uplift the lives of the people in Karamoja, which has seen the community receive student education fees and bursaries support, among others.

The company is set to construct a Health Centre III as part of community development efforts.

In September last year, President Museveni, who commissioned the ground breaking ceremony expressed his desire for all individuals in the Karamoja sub-region to benefit from the ongoing industrial development.

Sunbird's investment in clinker production is expected to save Uganda 380 million US Dollars in imported clinker while creating employment opportunities for the locals.

At the ambulance donation ceremony, Lokeris expressed his satisfaction with the value addition from stones to cement, emphasizing the importance of processing raw materials.

He also highlighted the fulfillment of Sunbird's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through the donation of the ambulance, which will bridge transportation gaps in the healthcare sector.

The Moroto Woman MP-Stella Atyang commended Sunbird for paying surface rights and commended RUCODET for managing resources effectively. She urged investors to contribute to the education of Karimajong children, emphasizing the need for employment opportunities and proper training to ensure job retention and delivery.

Dr. Lemukol James, the District Health Officer of Moroto, acknowledged the negative effects of mining on human health and the environment, calling on investors to prioritize the well-being of the community.

He expressed gratitude for the ambulance donation and emphasized its vital role in improving healthcare accessibility and reducing existing gaps.

Ambrose Byona, the director of Sunbird, expressed his commitment to transforming Karamoja and requested support from the government and local communities.

He highlighted the importance of providing the right personnel and a conducive environment to facilitate the region's development.

Byona also confirmed that the ambulance, costing shs266 million, was just the beginning of Sunbird's contributions to the area. "We made several written and unwritten promises and we will deliver on all', remarked Byona.

The RUCODET Chairman John Logwee said that the trust entered into a surface rights agreement where in among others, Sunbird agreed to build a fully equipped health centre III, a school among others.

“Today we witnessed the handover of a brand new ambulance,” Logwee noted, adding that it’s an indicator that what we agreed will be delivered.

Logwee expressed confidence that Sunbird would deliver on its promises, and he requested the district leadership to provide a qualified driver for the ambulance. "This donation is a timely intervention and we extended our deep gratitude."

Rupa LCIII Chairperson, Otita Joseph, emphasized the unity of the Matheniko community and expressed gratitude for the ambulance, stating that it would benefit all communities in Matheniko and Karamoja.

The ambulance, valued at UGX 266 million, will serve a community of over 30,000 people, addressing the transportation challenges faced in the healthcare sector.

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