Ministers given 30- day ultimatum to return Covid pickups or be exposed

Ministers given 30- day ultimatum to return Covid pickups or be exposed
President Museveni flags off the Covid vehicles in 2021

The Deputy Resident City Commissioner (RCC) for Rubaga Division, Herbert Anderson Burora, has warned ministers who took Covid-19 pickups for their personal use that they have  a 30-day ultimatum to return them or be named and shamed.

Burora highlighted the president's call in 2020, urging Ugandans to join efforts in improving health services, even beyond the immediate response to the pandemic.

He expressed concern over reports that some districts and ministry departments are facing a shortage of mobility, while vehicles intended for health sector improvement are allegedly being used for personal errands.

"It is disturbing that cars meant for improving the health sector are doing shopping and dropping their children to school," Burora noted.

He further revealed that some vehicles intended for health response have been confiscated by Local Council (LC) 5 chairpersons, leaving District Health Officers without the necessary means to carry out their duties.

The Ministry of Health and the Permanent Secretary have now been given a 30-day ultimatum to withdraw all cars meant for Covid-19 and health response from ministers and LC5 chairpersons.

"If they are not withdrawn by the end of the month, we shall name the ministers and chairpersons who are wrongfully abusing the initiative of the President," Burora warned.

He emphasized the need to respect the intended purpose of the vehicles and ensure they are deployed where they are needed most in the health sector.

The call for accountability reflects a broader sentiment that those in positions of authority should prioritize the needs of the public over personal convenience.

"It's time that we respect those who deserve the respect and not the blackmail of positions and closeness to authority," Burora said.

The 30-day countdown begins, putting ministers and chairpersons on notice to adhere to the directive or face public exposure for their alleged misuse of resources meant for the health sector.

The directive comes amid reports of misuse and misallocation of vehicles meant for the improvement of health services in the country during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The call for accountability extends beyond government efforts, with Ugandans contributing both money and physical cars to support the fight against the virus.

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