DP wants Moses Ssimbwa prosecuted over his "fabricated" claims to Museveni

DP wants Moses Ssimbwa prosecuted over his "fabricated" claims to Museveni
Ismail Kiirya, the UYD president.

The Democratic Party (DP) has called upon the government to arrest Moses Ssimbwa, a self-proclaimed activist associated with the National Unity Platform (NUP), who recently confessed to falsely accusing the government of subjecting him to torture.

Ismail Kiirya, President of Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) and acting spokesperson for DP, made the appeal during a media briefing held at the party headquarters in Kampala.

Kiirya emphasized the need for a comprehensive investigation into Ssimbwa's allegations, where he admitted to fabricating torture claims and asserted that he was an accident victim paid by the opposition to spread false information.

"In a country which has democracy,  Moses Ssimbwa would be arrested by now and arraigned to courts of law,” Kiirya stated.

Kiirya urged the government not to downplay Ssimbwa's confession, highlighting that such actions constitute a crime under Ugandan law.

He further raised concerns about the potential severity of the situation, speculating on what could have transpired if Ssimbwa had been involved in more dangerous activities.

"Mr. Ssimbwa is the first prime suspect for tarnishing the government's name. He has openly confessed that he was hoodwinked and lied to because he was promised Shs 1 million," Kiirya said.

He  posed hypothetical scenarios, questioning the potential consequences if Ssimbwa had been entrusted with tasks involving explosives or acts of violence.

Kiirya called on Ssimbwa to disclose the names of those who coerced him into spreading false information, emphasising the potential threat posed by an individual possessing such information.

He also urged Ssimbwa to share any information he claimed to have about opposition forces operating drones involved in abductions with the police.

Expressing concern over the exploitation of vulnerable individuals for political motives, Kiirya cautioned against dismissing the issue and accused Ssimbwa of engaging in "foolery" to gain favour and financial incentives.

Ssimbwa's confession occurred during the NRM 38th liberation celebrations in Jinja, where he publicly admitted to being manipulated by the opposition to make false torture allegations against the government.

Standing in front of President Museveni, Ssimbwa apologized for his previous claims, clarifying that his injuries resulted from an accident, not torture.

President Museveni, reacting to the claims, acknowledged the opposition's exploitation of individuals for malicious motives.

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