Dr. Muganga advocates for competencies over grades in education

Dr. Muganga advocates for competencies over grades in education
Dr Lawrence Muganga

By Ramson Muhairwe

Victoria University's vice chancellor Dr. Muganga has challenged the entrenched belief that academic grades are the panacea for real-world challenges.

Dr. Muganga emphasized the need to value competencies over grades.

"it is time to redirect our focus towards paying for competencies rather than grades." he asserted

Addressing the persistent challenges faced by the nation despite academic success, Dr. Muganga critiqued the current education system for overly prioritizing grades.

He contended that an overemphasis on academic achievements may not adequately equip individuals with the practical skills required to tackle real-world problems.

Dr. Muganga passionately advocated for a paradigm shift in assessing individuals, urging a move towards recognizing the ability to apply knowledge in real-life situations.

"The ability to apply knowledge in real-life situations is crucial for tackling the complex challenges that our society faces," affirmed Dr. Muganga.

The proposed education reform suggests a holistic approach, prioritizing practical problem-solving skills and critical thinking over conventional grading systems.

Dr. Muganga argued that by evaluating individuals based on their real-world application of knowledge, we can cultivate a generation better equipped to confront the multifaceted issues of the modern world.

"We need to reassess our priorities and focus on nurturing individuals who can navigate the complexities of the real world," Dr. Muganga insisted.

This call for change follows the recent release of national primary leaving examination results, revealing that 88,269 candidates received an ungraded status, rendering them ineligible for government programs.

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