Lango leaders pledge to preserve  Cecilia Ogwal's legacy

Lango leaders pledge to preserve  Cecilia Ogwal's legacy
Cecilia Ogwal

Lango leaders representing various districts came together for an extraordinary council meeting to mourn and honor the late Woman Member of Parliament for Dokolo District, Cecilia Atim Ogwal.

The atmosphere was somber yet filled with deep respect as speakers paid tribute to a woman who had left an indelible mark on the political landscape and served as an inspiration for many.

Geoffrey Ogwal, a councilor from Lira City, expressed gratitude for Cecilia's unwavering commitment to public service, stating,

"We appreciate Cecilia's role in advancing the socio-economic development of Dokolo District."

Dickens Kennedy Odongo, the LC Chairperson for Alebtong District, echoed this sentiment, highlighting Cecilia's initiatives to improve healthcare, education, and infrastructure in the Lango Sub-region.

Emotions ran high as leaders recalled fond memories of Cecilia Atim Ogwal's warmth, humility, and determination.

Mayor Sam Atul of Lira City emphasized her firm stance on national issues, earning respect across the political spectrum.

Geoffrey Ocen, LC5 Chairperson of Amolatar, and Joy Atim Ongom, a former MP from Lira, also shared heartfelt reflections.

In a special regional meeting chaired by Dokolo District Speaker Joel Opota, Lango leaders passed resolutions aimed at preserving the memories of the late Ogwal.

Daniel Daramoi, a councilor from Bata Sub-County, highlighted the importance of these resolutions in ensuring that Cecilia Atim Ogwal's legacy endures.

As the community mourns, the body of the late Cecilia Ogwal is set to be transported to her residence in Lira City before reaching its final resting place in Alito Sub-County, Kole District, where she will be laid to rest on Saturday.

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