Gov't to construct more specialized women and neonatal hospitals, says First Lady

Gov't to construct more specialized women and neonatal hospitals, says First Lady
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The First Lady, Janet Kataaha Museveni, has announced plans to construct additional specialised women and neonatal hospitals across the country as part of efforts to enhance the healthcare system.

She made this announcement in a speech delivered by Health Minister Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng during a visit to the Mulago Specialized Women and Neonatal Hospital.

The purpose of the visit was for the First Lady to host spouses and government representatives from Non-Aligned Movement ( NAM) member countries.

The First Lady emphasized that the government will also increase the number and capacity of healthcare workers in these facilities to provide specialized care. Improving maternal and neonatal health remains a top priority for the government.

"We are aware that new neonatal conditions contribute 10% to the global burden of disease, and in Uganda, this percentage could be slightly higher," she stated.

To address this issue, plans are underway to construct similar facilities to the current Specialized Women and United Hospital at Mulago in different parts of the country.

"Our plan is to replicate what you have witnessed here at the national level in various regions. Uganda has 18 regions, and in each region, we have what we call regional referral hospitals," she explained.

Dr. Evelyn Nabunya, the executive director of Mulago Women Specialized Hospital, emphasized the importance of constructing these centers across the country. She highlighted the need to bring services closer to the people, especially in regions where access to specialized care is limited.

In addition to infrastructure development, the government will continue its efforts to increase the number and capacity of healthcare workers to provide specialized care to the population.

After the visit, the First Lady hosted her guests to a luncheon at Serena Hotel in Kampala.

During the gathering, she expressed her commitment to working with individuals in need to uplift their livelihoods.

"It was a pleasure to welcome our distinguished guests to the Pearl of Africa and share with them not only our warm hospitality but also the progress we are making in empowering our communities," she stated.

During the event, the First Lady launched the "We Are Equal" campaign, a significant step toward closing the gender gap in Uganda and across Africa.

She emphasized that this initiative holds personal importance to her as it aligns with the nation's commitment to education and the active participation of all members of society.

The spouses of African heads of states and government officials attending NAM summit commended Uganda's First Lady for her significant contributions to the country's development.

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