Kasubi Tombs restoration 90% complete, Katikkiro says

Kasubi Tombs restoration 90% complete, Katikkiro says
Katikkiro Mayiga supervises works at Kasubi Tombs

By Joseph Segawa

The Katikkiro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga, has visited the Kasubi Tombs to assess the ongoing reconstruction work. He urged patience from Baganda and all Ugandans until the project is complete.

"Just as you have shown remarkable patience for years," the Katikkiro said, "I implore you to continue waiting until all construction activities are final. We must meticulously follow all cultural norms before reopening the Kasubi Tombs to the public."

Katikkiro Mayiga expressed great satisfaction with the progress, reporting that approximately 90% of the construction is complete, with most key elements already installed. He assured everyone that "within a few months, everything will be finished."

Despite the significant progress, the Katikkiro acknowledged that critical tasks remain outstanding. He emphasized the importance of completing these final steps with utmost care and adherence to cultural traditions.

The Kasubi Tombs, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, were significantly damaged by fire in 2010. Reconstruction efforts began in 2012 and are nearing completion, offering a beacon of hope for the preservation of Baganda cultural heritage.

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