Mitooma: Museveni, Gen Muhoozi supporters clash over baraza event

Mitooma: Museveni, Gen Muhoozi supporters clash over baraza event
Museveni and son Muhoozi

Mitooma district found itself in the midst of escalating tensions as clashes intensified between supporters of President Yoweri Museveni and those aligned with Muhoozi Keinerugaba, setting the stage for a potentially explosive face-off during the scheduled MK Baraza on Friday in Mitooma town.

Edgar Rwambika, a vocal MK Mobilizer in Mitooma district, revealed the fervor surrounding the Baraza, stating,

"The event, presided over by Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa, is crucial for us, and we are committed to its success."

However, President Museveni's supporters, led by Elite Abemigisha, a national leader of Kaguta 2040 are gearing up for a mega demonstration aimed at disrupting the MK Baraza. Abemigisha emphasized,

"We cite security issues and urge President Museveni to intervene and stop the Friday MK Baraza."

This clash has roots in the campaign launched in November 2022 by Mitooma district leaders and Vice President Jesca Alupo, urging President Museveni to contest again in 2026.

Elite Abemigisha denounced the Muhoozi Keinerugaba supporters, labeling them self-seekers.

In response to the rising tensions, angry Museveni supporters have raised questions about the motives behind holding the Baraza in Mitooma.

Abemigisha inquired,"What interests do MP David Kabanda, MP Michael Mawanda, and Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa have in hosting their Baraza in Mitooma district?"

The discord has not only caused unrest but sharp conflicts within the district.

Polly Katwiire, a senior mobilizer for the MK project in Ankole subregion, appealed for intervention, saying,"These fights have caused unrest, and we urge President Museveni to intervene and restore peace."

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