Don't be surprised if God calls me now- Nambooze


Hon. Member of parliament, Betty Nambooze Bakireke has broken the silence about her current situation noting that it worsens everyday and nobody should be surprised at the news of her death.

Speaking to NBS Television during the Morning Breeze earlier today, Nambooze, who is receiving treatment at Kiruddu hospital in Makindye division said before her initial arrest on June 13th, she used to spend most of her time at home with services of a nurse and a physiotherapist who would occasionally visit every morning and evening to help her move around in bid to make the nerves active.

" I used to spend most of time at home with a nurse and physiotherapist. Even my drivers would also be very careful and my sitting was regulated because the doctors advised me to sit for twenty minutes then stand up to move around then sit to be able to mitigate that pain,” Nambooze, who sounded really low and down told NBS.

Asked where she feels the pain exactly, the honourable member of parliament told viewers that after the successful operation in India later last year, 2017 following the unfortunate incidents of the 'Age limit hearing' at parliament, doctors told her she was to get minimal pain for 3 months before the 'real pain' for 6 months and it that it would take her about two years to fully heal from the sustained injuries.

Nambooze, who is currently not allowed to fly out to India were she received her initial surgery added that she was supposed to go back to India after three months but by March, she had spent most of her money on school fees and so wasn't able to fly by then

" I was supposed to go back to India after three months but by March, I spent most of my money on school fees. I have 27 children at home and 370 others from the constituency so every time I go out to lay these dues, I spend a lot of money."

She notes that she wasn't able to get treatment funds from Parliament noting that she is on insurance but this is cannot be used if the treatment is supposed to be got from abroad.

" If I am to get assistance from parliament to go outside the country like in this case, my application goes through the medical board for approval for the sake of accountability. The delay was with the board and it is not easy to get it." - Nambooze replied to why she couldn't get assistance from Parliament giving an example of Hon. Kabaziguruka who has since failed to get the approval as well.

She however notes that after a long wait, the medical board approved the medical visa and she was supposed to travel on Friday, 15th June but was instead arrested on Wednesday for interrogation about her hard hitting comments comments that she posted on Facebook account about the murder of former Arua Municipality Member of parliament, the late Ibrahim Abiriga.

Nambooze, who was released that same evening of Wednesday 13th June, only to be re - arrested a day later said that she gets low blood pressure which at times goes beyond the extreme and that her doctors fear that she might get a shock.

" The scanners discovered that one of the nails holding the in plants dislodged and it is sitting on the central nerve which makes my lower body hopeless. That is why I hurried to call in priests as a catholic to give me prayers and to prepare my self because my situation is not good and it should not surprise anybody when God calls me now. I am here, no body can treat me and the hospital I was brought to is for people with burns and kidney problems. When am not well, my doctors call the doctor in Mulago which at times take two days to come."

Nambooze argued that as a member of parliament, she is supposed to have an opinion on issues that concern with the national security maintaining that her arrest is totally political.

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