Opposition campaign to fundraise for Museveni retirement package collapses

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Opposition leaders in Ankole have suspended the fundraising drive for President, Yoweri Museveni's retirement package.

Mweteise Bintabara, the Kiruhura District FDC Chairperson, announced the suspension of the fundraising drive at Grand Holiday hotel in Mbarara town on Monday.

He explained that they took the decision to suspend the drive, which started on October 4th 2017 after learning the Museveni is not about to retire. He says that the campaign had so far raised Shs8million.

“This week we thought we were going to get Museveni’s bank account and start depositing the money, but when we heard what he had told the NRM caucus, we noticed he is not going anywhere,” Mr. Bintabra said.

According to Bintabara, they will return the money to the contributors since they recorded the details of each contributor.

Bintabara says initially, they thought the architects of age limit Bill, which seeks to scrap article 102 (b), which caps the president's age at 75 years were pushing their personal interests only to learn Museveni is behind the move.

He says the statements attributed to Museveni following the NRM caucus last week are a clear indication that he isn't willing to retire.

President Museveni reportedly told the NRM caucus that sat at parliament last week that the Bill is his and they should inform the public of the same. He also requested legislators who are not in support of the bill to march out.

Wilberforce Ongomu Ahimbisibwe, the former Rwampara County FDC parliamentary candidate, says many people had shown interest in contributing towards the cause. He says they thought it wise to suspend the campaign and look for other options.

“People were so happy and were willing to contribute even 1million, the problem Museveni insisted he is going no where,” he said.

Daniel Kafureka, the Mbarara District FDC General Secretary says it is  unfortunate that Members of parliament from the ruling party have failed to explain  to the president the need for him to relinquish power and give Ugandans a gift of a peaceful transition.

Kafureka says the time is now for the president to listen to the cries of Ugandans at the grassroots rather than connive with members of parliament whose only interest to get money from him.









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