Binyobirya Primary school's journey from trees to modern classrooms

Binyobirya Primary school's journey from trees to modern classrooms
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In a remarkable turn of events, Binyobirya Primary School has transitioned from studying under trees to welcoming modern classrooms, thanks to the intervention sparked by NBS Television's coverage.

Established in 2011 with just four classrooms, the school faced challenges of inadequate infrastructure and learning conditions for its 654 pupils.

Deputy Head Teacher Munyaggwa Erias expressed gratitude, stating,

"We thank NBS TV for this story which made our dream come true."

Following the television feature on September 19, 2022, highlighting the dire circumstances, Precious Charity Organization stepped in to construct classrooms, transforming the educational landscape for Binyobirya.

The pupils, now studying within the confines of classrooms, recounted challenges endured under the trees – from rain and sunshine disruptions to encounters with falling branches and caterpillars. Despite these obstacles, the spirit of learning endured.

Pupils emphasized the importance of additional buildings, citing overcrowded classrooms and a shortage of desks, urging authorities to address these concerns.

Head Teacher Namatovu Tahia acknowledged the government and Precious Charity Organization for their contributions but emphasized the need for further support.

"The class accommodates between 70-80 pupils, which is a large number, and the desks were not enough for our pupils," she said.

As the teachers embark on a new chapter in 2023, challenges persist, including a lack of accommodation for teachers and modest salaries.

Binyobirya Primary School, once defined by outdoor classrooms, now stands as a symbol of collaboration between the community and the government, with Deputy RDC Bukomansimbi Fred Kalema Pax promising ongoing support.

RDC Kalema Pax encouraged headteachers to communicate challenges to the district chief administration officer for government intervention.

He commended NBS TV for its vigilance in monitoring government institutions and expressed gratitude for their role in bringing positive change to the district.

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