Reverend Moses Banja consecrated as the new Bishop of Namirembe Diocese

Reverend Moses Banja consecrated as the new Bishop of Namirembe Diocese
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In a historic ceremony at Namirembe Hill, Canon Rev. Moses Banja was consecrated and enthroned as the new bishop of Namirembe Diocese, succeeding Wilberforce Kityo Luwarila.

The event, attended by dignitaries from various walks of life, marked a significant moment for both the clergy and the faithful.

President Yoweri Museveni, represented by Vice President Jessica Alupo, honoured the occasion by gifting the newly consecrated bishop with a brand new Land Cruiser.

The President's message, delivered by Vice President Alupo, emphasized the collaborative role of the church in mobilizing the masses for development activities.

During the ceremony, Bishop Banja received the symbols of his new role, including the instruments of power, a reformation study Bible, a pastoral rod, and the bishopric ring.

The oath and confession of commitment to the constitution of the Church of Uganda preceded his consecration, accompanied by prayers from the House of Bishops seeking God's blessings for the bishop and his family.

In his maiden address, Bishop Banja pledged to safeguard Anglican Church land and foster unity within the church, outlining his commitment to the principles of the faith.

"I am honoured to serve as the bishop of Namirembe Diocese, and I vow to protect our sacred lands and promote unity among our congregation," stated Bishop Banja.

Former Bishop Kityo Luwalira, in a supportive gesture, pledged his backing for Bishop Banja's pastoral journey, expressing his commitment with the words,

"I will support you in your endeavours. Katikiro, we are inseparable."

The ceremony, marked by a mix of nerves and joy, was a momentous occasion for both the clergy and the broader community.

President Museveni's gift of a new car to the bishop underscores the connection between the church and the state, highlighting the mutual role they play in advancing development programs.

The consecration and enthronement of Bishop Moses Banja signify a new chapter for Namirembe Diocese, with the promise of continuity and collaboration between the church and the government for the greater good of the community.

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