Kasese human rights activists unite to combat soaring domestic violence

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Kasese human rights activists unite to combat soaring domestic violence
Domestic violence

In a resolute stand against the alarming rates of domestic violence plaguing Kasese, women human rights activists rallied victims to break the silence and report cases, marking International Human Rights Day.

Despite progress, Kasese still contends with being one of the districts with the highest gender-based violence cases in the country, trailing only behind Kampala and Wakiso.

Jovia Kabugho, a prominent human rights activist, emphasized the pressing need for collective action:

"Addressing domestic violence requires the courage of survivors to come forward. We are committed to reducing the prevalence of this deeply rooted issue in our district."

Kobusinge Annet, another passionate advocate, highlighted the existing communication gap between victims and authorities:

"To truly combat domestic violence, we must bridge the communication divide. Victims need to feel heard and supported when reporting cases."

Masika Moreen, an activist on the frontline, echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the pivotal role of cultural institutions:

"Our cultural norms often contribute to perpetuating abuse. It's crucial for cultural institutions to actively engage in solving the underlying factors fueling domestic violence."

While acknowledging progress, police reports indicate a reduction in cases compared to previous months when incidents had spiked. SP. Luke Mbusa, Acting PRO Rwenzori East police, affirmed,

"We are witnessing a positive trend, but sustained efforts are needed. Collaboration between law enforcement and activists is crucial for lasting change."

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