Disabled children are children too

Disabled children are children too
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Frontliners in supporting disabled children across the country have tasked government to come up with laws and support systems that prioritise empowering disabled children to enable them acquire skills that will help them sustain themselves in the feature.

This call has been made by the Country Director Brass for Africa Andrew Aggasi as they celebrated people living disabilities at a function held in Nsambya, a Kampala suburb.

Agassi says that children living with disabilities have also talents like other children that once supported they can also be successful in the future.

The Director of Music Education at Brass for Africa Elizabeth Burrowes, says that children with Disabilities have talents that only need to be discovered and supported.

This was during the launch of the campaign Inclusion in Focus Gala that aimed at senstizing communities to desist from segregating children living with Disabilities as he asked government to increase funding for such groups.

According to the Ministry of gender, Labor and and social development, in the year 2021, over 2,027,148 children are disabled with boys being more affected.

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