Stop pestering me about missing persons, says rights commission boss

Stop pestering me about missing persons, says rights commission boss
UHRC chairperson, Mariam Wangadya.

The Uganda Human Rights Commission chairperson, Mariam Wangadya has taken a swipe at a section of opposition politicians whom she said are pestering her about missing Ugandans.

“These issues are annoying. You(opposition) know the truth. The Leader of Opposition knows the truth but if there are people they are looking for who are missing, let them demand them from the people they think abducted them and not me. Do I have capacity to abduct anyone? I don’t have it I am a nobody ,” Wangadya said on Wednesday.

The rights commission boss was responding to a question from journalists about the issue of missing opposition supporters.

Wangadya accused the opposition of deliberately trying to keep the matter of missing persons in the media .

“I don’t want to give it too much attention but there seems to be an effort to keep alive and continue pushing a narrative to arrive at a certain objective. I am powerless and can’t stop this because I am not a politician.”

The National Unity Platform recently blasted the commission and its chairperson over its report on missing party supporters when it said many of those who claimed to have been abducted are non-existent.

When put to task to explain the basis of the findings, Wangadya insisted the report was made public for everyone to see.

To remind you again, we were summoned in parliament by the human rights committee and I trust that Hon Mpuuga and others have faith in their committee in parliament. It comprises more than 100 members and many of them are from NUP who signed a report of that investigation. I trust Hon Mpuuga that if he doesn’t have faith in us, at least he has it in the committee of parliament which came up with a report.”

She insisted that when relatives of some of the missing persons were contacted, they said they were first going to seek consent from NUP leaders which she said was strange.

Two people came to me and said they were hired by two MPs to act like they were kidnapped from Mukono and dumped in Masaka. The case is here. If my person gets lost, I cant sleep and it doesn’t require me to wait for  my MP or any other leader to take my matter to parliament .It amuses me that when we called them, they said they wanted to first seek consent from their leaders.”

On Tuesday, the Leader of Opposition in parliament slammed government’s report on missing person.



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