Human rights defenders launch week-long activities

Human rights defenders launch week-long activities
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In anticipation of the International Day of Human Rights Defenders on December 7 and 8, state actors and various human rights groups, united under the National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders-Uganda, have commenced a series of impactful events.

The chairperson of the organizing committee, Faith Namansa, highlighted the diverse activities planned for the week.

These include a media campaign to raise awareness about human rights defenders, a symbolic walk on the streets of Jinja City, blood donation drives, tree planting initiatives, and cancer screenings.

The aim is not only to celebrate but also to empower and increase awareness of the critical work undertaken by human rights defenders in Uganda.

Robert Kirenga, Chief Executive Officer of the Coalition of Human Rights Defenders - Uganda, emphasized that the two-day event aligns with Article 1 of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights Defenders.

The declaration defines a human rights defender as an individual or group promoting human rights through peaceful means.

"This celebration serves as a testament to the resilience and dedication of those working tirelessly to uphold human rights in our nation," Kirenga said.

Article 38 of the 1996 as amended also calls upon states to support the work of human rights defenders and protect them from harm.

Betty Enangu, the Regional Human Rights Officer for Eastern Uganda representing the Uganda Rights Commission, and Kenneth Ahimbisibwe, Police Community Liaison Officer Kiira region, echoed the importance of stakeholders committing themselves to the fight against human rights violations.

As the nation gears up for the International Day of Human Rights Defenders, stakeholders encourage a collective reflection on the current status of human rights, particularly within the civic space in Uganda.

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