Minister Kaducu asks Ugandans to use locally made products

Minister Kaducu asks Ugandans to use locally made products
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The State Minister for Primary Education, Joyce Moriku Kaducu, has appealed to Ugandans to support the products created by Ugandan students instead of importing similar items.

Kaducu made this plea while monitoring the UBTEB November/December 2023 examinations in Kampala.

She expressed her satisfaction with the students' calm demeanor, indicating their competence and the absence of any signs of examination malpractice.

Kaducu praised the quality of the students' products, stating that they could compete in the international market.

She highlighted the use of locally sourced materials, such as doors made from mahogany, featuring modern designs.

The minister encouraged Ugandans to purchase these products within the country, including tables and chairs, as the students continue to learn and improve their skills.

Kaducu commended the increasing number of female students in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) courses, emphasizing that the job market provides opportunities for both girls and boys in sectors typically seen as male-dominated.

She also recognized the Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board (UBTEB) and Technical and Vocational Education and Training Institution heads for upholding quality standards during the examination process.

During her visit to Nakawa Vocational Training College, Kaducu praised the college management for providing a conducive learning environment.

She observed the practical sessions where each learner had a dedicated working space, allowing them to demonstrate their competence.

However, Godfrey Muwanga, the college principal, expressed concerns about the high cost of materials and the limited space available to accommodate the significant number of students.

Harriet Kagezi, Principal of Ntinda Vocational Training Institute, highlighted the shortage of staff, with only a fraction being on the government payroll.

She suggested tax exemptions for suppliers of study materials to alleviate the burden of high prices.

Dr. Wilfred Nahamya, the Deputy UBTEB Executive Secretary, commended the smooth conduct of the examinations, both in practical and theory sessions.

He thanked the principals for ensuring that the necessary materials were readily available, with no delays or shortages.

Over 100,000 students are participating in the UBTEB November/December 2023 examination series across 624 examination centers nationwide.

The series recorded a significant increase in registration, with 102,132 candidates compared to the previous series, reflecting the highest number of candidates since the COVID-19 lockdown.

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