Lira to host beauty pageant in January, 2024 

Lira to host beauty pageant in January, 2024 
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Lira City is set to host a beauty pageant that celebrates the girl child while seeking to empower her.

The Girl Child beauty pageant will raise awareness on the plight of vulnerable girls in Lira city. Many girls in Lira are faced with a myriad of urban challenges like teenage pregnancies, prostitution, illiteracy and poor accommodation among others.

This beauty pageant builds on already existing community and national structures within Uganda like Miss Tourism Pageant; an initiative of the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, which highlights the rich cultural endowment of Uganda through the facets of fashion, music, food and other cultural attributes of the peoples and places in the eleven uniquely different regions of the country.

An independently registered beauty pageant, Miss Lira pageant has so far have groomed seventy-five (75) beauty queens as “Girl child ambassadors” since 2015; while noting with pride that one of our Miss Lira 2019 who was crowned Miss Tourism Northern Uganda 2020.

The beauty queens have continuously supported the Girl child in their local communities through promoting life skills, community and family skills, Sexual and Reproductive Health, community groups/ clubs, cultural norms and practices as well as sustainable environmental practices among others.

These initiatives have gone along away to build confidence and enhanced referral pathways for the girl child to access essential services such as education, health, leadership etc.

The beauty pageant is led by Ms Gloria Alele- former Miss Tourism Northern Uganda and national award winning Queen of 2017/2018.

The Grand Finale of the Miss Lira pageant will take place on January 6th, 2024  at Lira Hotel

Already on board are sponsors, Pepsi, Shea Butter Mantra, Movit, Wan Luo Tv, Lira Hotel, Voice of Lango FM, City events, FMG media, Shiromatic Glam, and Vintage.

Come 6th January 2024, we surely anticipate glam and the best.

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