Historic accord between Adhola chief, Iteso cultural leaders paves way for unity in Tororo

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In a landmark meeting at the Tieng Adhola palace, cultural leaders Papa Paul Sande Emolot of the Iteso cultural union and  Moses Stephen Owor of the Tieng Adhola cultural institution came together to bridge longstanding tribal conflicts.

The closed-door gathering, attended by seven ministers from the Iteso cultural union, yielded crucial resolutions aimed at fostering unity and enhancing service delivery.

Josel Obbo, the Tieng Adhola Prime Minister, shared insights into the outcomes of the meeting, highlighting the commitment of both leaders to mend relations between the Iteso and Japadhola communities.

"The purpose of this meeting was to mend the relationship between the Iteso and Japadhola following the long-standing tribal conflicts between the two tribes," stated  Obbo.

While the meeting drew mixed reactions among Tororo residents, with subjects like Okumu Noah and Osipa Rajid expressing varied opinions, political figures in the district see this as a pivotal turning point.

District Chairperson John Okea believes that the engagement between the cultural leaders has the potential to quell longstanding district divisions.

"These now believe that the engagement is likely to put an end to the district division quest which had dragged on for long," emphasized District Chairperson John Okea.

Political analyst David Ofwono, echoing the sentiments of many, asserted that the meeting was long overdue, considering the district's history of tribal conflicts.

Ofwono suggested that this historic accord is likely to pose challenges for politicians who have historically exploited tribal conflicts for political gains.

"With a section of political leaders said to have dwelled much on tribal conflict to gain their political positions, many believe such politicians have tough times ahead," stated David Ofwono.

While acknowledging the positive trajectory set by the cultural leaders, Noah Okumu, a Tororo resident, and other locals emphasized the necessity of bringing politicians on board to fully achieve the mission of unity.

"These, however, think for the mission to be fully attained, the politicians must be brought on board," Ofwono said.

The Tororo district's tribal tensions, which date back to 1998 and intensified in 2017 during bye-elections planning, may see a transformative shift with this historic accord.

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