Opposition infighting threatens unity as FDC warns against blackmail in parliament boycott

Opposition infighting threatens unity as FDC warns against blackmail in parliament boycott
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The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Najjanankumbi faction has issued a stern warning to opposition leaders in parliament, cautioning against the dangers of internal blackmail amid the ongoing boycott.

The faction accuses fellow opposition members of veering away from the initial purpose of the boycott, transforming it into a political game marked by bitter verbal exchanges.

The boycott, initially centered around the demand for government accountability regarding 18 alleged missing persons, has now become a battleground of political maneuvering.

Some opposition figures are accused of breaching the boycott by clandestinely participating in parliamentary sessions.

This shift has prompted a response from the FDC Najjanankumbi faction, expressing concern over the deviation from the core objectives.

Spokesperson, John Kikonyogo, a prominent voice within the FDC, highlighted the faction's dissatisfaction, stating,

"The opposition leadership in parliament has long deviated from the core objectives of the boycott to fighting for political clout by attacking others and blackmailing the FDC."

This sharp critique points to internal strife that threatens to overshadow the original purpose of holding the government accountable.

Kikonyogo emphasized that the opposition leadership's actions indicate a lack of direction, as they engage in verbal spats not only with political opponents but also with the leadership within parliament.

The FDC alleges a lack of proper planning and failure to consult and engage with other opposition parties, contributing to the deteriorating state of affairs.

While not disclosing whether the FDC will withdraw from the boycott, Kikonyogo hinted at impending action, stating,

"Our next course of action will be communicated."

The uncertainty surrounding the FDC's stance adds another layer of complexity to the already tumultuous situation within the opposition.

As the political drama unfolds, concerns rise about the unity of the opposition and the efficacy of their collective efforts.

The internal conflicts may undermine the initial cause of demanding government accountability, leaving observers and citizens alike questioning the direction of the opposition's protest.

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