Government to Commemorate Fathers’ Day with ‘Pride’ March

The government of Uganda is set to commemorate the world Fathers’ Day with a pride walk within the city, the Nile Post has learnt.

According to Wikipedia, Fathers’ Day is a celebration for honouring fathers, celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society and this year’s celebrations were held on Sunday June 18 worldwide.

Addressing journalists on Tuesday, Rtd Col. Shaban Bantariza, the deputy director of the Uganda Media Centre and deputy government spokesperson said a cabinet meeting that sat on Monday approved celebrations to be held on Saturday.

“Cabinet noted that the country will hold a fathers’ day celebration walk and four annual abstinence celebration and pride march on Saturday June 23 at Kololo ceremonial grounds,”Bantariza told journalists.

He said the celebrations will be held under the theme; ‘Fathers we need your support to abstain, have values and character.’

According to Fr.Simon Lokodo, the State Minister for Ethics and Integrity, government found it wise to hold a national celebration for the day of fathers.

“We thought it wise to have it at an international level and at a significant place to involve all people in the country,”Lokodo said.

He said Ugandans should put emphasis on the celebrations and be part of the entire world to commemorate the day.

The minister explained that on 8th October 2016 during national prayer day, President Museveni declared 2017 as the year of the family adding that these are some of the efforts to protect the family in Uganda.

“He (Museveni) has since extended the year of the family to cover 2018, 2019 and 2020. Consequently in a bid to strengthen the family, the directorate for ethics and integrity in collaboration with the Family Life Network and other stakeholders have organised the event.”

He said the fathers’ day celebrations are meant to strengthen families and also challenge the youth to become a generation with values and characters of fathers.

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