King Oyo launches tourism movie

The King of Tooro Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV has tasked primary stakeholders in the tourism sector to adopt and enforce the practice of responsible tourism which will minimise the negative economic, environmental and social impacts of climate change on Uganda’s biodiversity.

This was as the king launched his movie titled “King Oyo Royal Rwenzori Mountain Expedition” where he expressed worry about the rescinding glaciers which could become extinct.

Towering over 5138 m high, the mountains of the moon remain the 3rd highest on the African Continent after Mt Kenya and Kilimanjaro.

But her unique selling point is the snowcapped ranges which have attracted in excess of 3000 tourists annually.

Unfortunately, the life of this attraction now hangs in the balance and is fast disappearing because of the increase in the atmospheric temperature. Its drastic effects have been felt at the foothills of the mountain through floods which have constantly broken the banks of river Nyamwamba, displacing thousands of households.

These unfortunate incidents led the summit to the peak of the mountain ranges by the world’s youngest monarch, King Oyo to establish the extent of damage and call for action through the adoption of responsible and sustainable tourism.

Speaking at the launch, King Oyo expressed fear over the uncertainty of this gem, predicting that the snow-capped peaks might be no more in 10 years to come.

The Ministry of Tourism has tasked the general public to use this movie as an educational piece to inform and inspire action in a positive direction.

The Movie has already received international recognition and scooped 3rd place in the Tourism product category of the World Tourism Film Awards in Valencia Spain, last week, bringing the total number of awards to 5 so far.


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