Minister Adoa insists on minimum price for selling fish exports

By Lawrence Mushabe

In a press briefing held on Monday at the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF) headquarters in Entebbe, the Minister of state for Fisheries, Hellen Adoa said the ministry has upheld its decision on the implementation of the minimum selling price for Nile perch fish fillets, headless and Gutted (H&G) Fish at USD 06 per kg of fish exports

“At the moment we uphold the letter that was written by the acting director as a decision made by my technical team as we consult.Uganda is not running anywhere; we are still around, with time we shall see how this works” Minister Adoa stated.

Minister Adoa

Adoa added this raises more concern and need to safeguard the fisheries sector from monopoly and dumping.

“As you are aware, the fish sector remains one of the highest foreign exchange earners in the economy of Uganda, however there has been little or no proper regulation when it comes to proper monitoring especially on what is exported and what is earned back as taxes” minister Adoa added


On 26th September 2023, the Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF) held a consultative meeting with Fish exporters and Processors Associations as well as independent processors.

Amongst the issue discussed was the decline in fish export quantities and values. The Fish Processors and exporters suggested in a resolution that a minimum export selling price of USD 06 per kg of fillet exported be set and enforced with effect from 1st October 2023.

However, last week, the ministry released the statement halting the implementation of the resolution pending constructive dialogue with all relevant parties to find a profitable, balanced and sustainable way to exploiting the fish resources before the minister upheld the decision on Monday

“All stakeholders are free export fish and fish products at prices that are determined by both the market and the principle of willing buyer/willing seller”

The upheld decision was unanimously agreed by all the Directors of the fish processing establishments that a Minimum Selling Price for Nile perch fish fillets shall be USD 6 per Kilogram, for both fresh and frozen fish fillets products, and the MSP for H&G shall be USD 5 per Kilogram (FOB) for both fresh and frozen products.

During the press briefing, Adoa also applauded President Museveni’s directive on fish farming under a new project ‘smart agriculture’ that’s aimed at relocating people of Busoga, Kigezi, and Teso from wetlands as a way of conserving areas for fish farming

Currently, Uganda’s fish sector exports 550 metric tons annually contributing 3% GDP to the economy

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