Zaake lawyers demand deputy speaker Tayebwa be summoned

In a latest development surrounding the inquiry into the alleged misconduct of Mityana Municipality Legislator, Francis Zaake, the legal team led by Erias Lukwago has urged the Parliamentary Committee on Rules, Discipline, and Privileges to summon Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa for a more comprehensive explanation of the grounds that led to Zaake's referral.

According to Lukwago, the reasons behind the Speaker's decision to refer Zaake to the Rules Committee remain unclear.

"The matter that made the decision of the Speaker to refer Zaake to the Rules Committee are not clear." asserted lukwago

The lawyers believe that Tayebwa's testimony will shed light on the matter and provide their client with a better understanding of the investigation.

The Committee, chaired by MP Abdu Katuntu, recently held a session on Monday, where several witnesses were examined in relation to the alleged misconduct by Francis Zaake.

Deputy Sergeant at Arms, Sheila Atim, faced cross-examination from Zaake's legal team, clarifying the procedures followed in case of disruptions within the House.

"I explained the circumstances under which we swing into action in case there is chaos in the House." asserted Atim

Atim was also questioned about the protocol to be observed when the Speaker is under threat while presiding over a session. Subsequently, the doorkeeper, Owiny John Bosco, testified against Zaake, accusing him of disregarding the Speaker's guidance and disrupting proceedings by speaking loudly.

"Zaake refused the guidance of the Speaker and spoke at the top of his voice on the day he was referred to the committee." stated Owiny

During the investigation's conclusion phase, Zaake's lawyers have formally requested the Committee to summon Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa.

They argue that Tayebwa's testimony is crucial in understanding the circumstances that led to Zaake's referral to the Committee on Rules and Discipline.

The legal team is not limiting their requests to Tayebwa; they also seek appearances from key figures such as Opposition Chief Whip John Baptist Nambeshe, and MPs Derick Nyeko, Gilbert Olanya, Frank Kabuye, and Patrick Nsamba Oshabe.

As the inquiry unfolds, the spotlight intensifies on the conduct of Francis Zaake, with his legal team pushing for transparency and a thorough examination of the events leading to the Committee's involvement.

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