Refugee Rights flare-up

Flares have emerged over the raising of refugee rights concerns in line with the way they are treated and perceived in the country. Despite Uganda being a host to over 1.5 million refugees, refugee welfare and rights remain matters of agitation.

The advocates of refugee welfare and rights under their umbrella, the Refugee-Led Organizations Network (RELON) have embarked on a national media advocacy campaign that focuses on raising awareness and advocating for the rights of refugees in Uganda.

The campaign has among others, "aimed at highlighting refugee challenges and promote their rights as enshrined in international and Ugandan laws, "Jerry Lukendo, the RELON Executive Director noted in the statement released.

The efforts are based on the theme "Refugees Meaningful Participation".

The campaign is also geared towards empowering refugees to share their stories, experiences, and aspirations.

" It seeks to engage the general public, policymakers, and key stakeholders in advocating for the protection and fulfilments of refugee rights while fostering empathy and understanding among communities," Keluel Ago, Program Coordinator, RELON observed.

This has come at a time when there are mushrooming fears over the slashed food ratios given to refugees by humanitarian assistance agencies.

But why the intervention at this time?

The move is aimed at raising public awareness about refugee challenges and the importance of protecting their rights. Strengthen support for refugee rights among government entities, civil society organizations, and the wider community.

In addition, efforts will to Influence public discourse, policy discussions, and decision-making processes related to refugee rights shall take effect.

In the recent past, the alarm of the faulted relationship between the refugees and host communities has been linked to competition for limited resources between the host communities and the latter.

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