River Kafu bursts its banks (VIDEO)

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River Kafu has burst its banks near Karongo Village, situated approximately 19.8 kilometers from Hoima, leading to a significant disruption in connectivity and travel between Hoima and Kampala via Kiboga.

The sudden flooding of the river has caused concerns for motorists, commuters, and residents in the affected areas, prompting the need for alternative routes and safety precautions.


Motorists traveling from Kampala to Hoima are strongly advised to use alternative routes to avoid the flooded section of the road. The Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) has recommended two main detours:

1. Hoima - Masindi – Kafu - Luwero – Kampala Route: This route provides a safer alternative for those heading from Kampala to Hoima. It bypasses the affected area and ensures a smoother and safer journey.

2. Hoima - Buhimba - Nalweyo - Kakumiro - Mubende – Kampala Route: This alternative route offers another option for motorists looking to reach Hoima from Kampala while avoiding the flooded section of the road.

For those traveling in light vehicles from Kampala, a detour option exists:

Masode - Ntwetwe - Nkooko - Nalweyo - Hoima Road: This road provides a convenient pathway for lighter vehicles to complete their journey while circumventing the flooded area.

The Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) has issued a warning to all road users, emphasizing the importance of avoiding flooded sections of the road network for their own safety. Crossing flooded roads can be hazardous and is strongly discouraged.

According to UNRA, Local authorities and disaster response teams are closely monitoring the situation, and efforts are underway to address the flooding and restore normal travel conditions. In the meantime, motorists and commuters are urged to exercise caution, adhere to the recommended alternative routes, and stay informed about updates regarding the situation.

In March this year, Katonga River burst its banks leading to a colossal water flow that inundated part of the Katonga Bridge and cut off the Kampala-Masaka Highway. In Mbarara, River Rwizi also burst its banks, destroying crops and several buildings, as water swept through areas neighbouring the river.

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