Karamoja Trade Show Flops, attracts crude waragi drinkers, street kids

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The Karamoja Agricultural and Trade Show, which was anticipated to be a two-week extravaganza, has experienced a severe setback, marred by a lack of participants and an influx of street children and illicit alcohol enthusiasts. Many residents are directing blame towards the show organizers, citing their failure to effectively advertise the event in a timely manner.

The event venue, which was envisioned to be a bustling hub of agricultural and trade activities, has remained largely empty. Instead, it has become a gathering place for street children and consumers of illicit alcohol who occupy the space after nightfall.

Teko Eric, a local footballer, expressed his frustration, "They should have left the ground for us to continue our football training, as it seems the show is not yielding any positive outcomes."

In contrast, a similar agricultural trade show that takes place in Jinja annually attracts thousands of traders and learners, creating a vibrant and bustling atmosphere. This difference in attendance has led people to advise the Karamoja agricultural trade show organizers to take a cue from their counterparts.

One notable point of contention is the current entry fee, which is set at 2,000 shillings. Street children and individuals unable to afford the fee often congregate along the fence, engaging in dramatic dance performances throughout the night.

Christine Angela, a local resident affected by the loud music wants the event name changed. "I think they should change the name of this event to a failed music show because all they seem to do all night long is blast music."

The disappointing turnout and undesirable elements at the Karamoja Agricultural and Trade Show highlight the importance of effective advertising and community engagement in the success of such events. Organizers may need to reassess their strategies to create a more appealing and engaging experience for both participants and visitors in the future.

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