Punters win shillings 114 billion in a space of 10 days

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Over the last ten days, a combined shillings 114 Billion won by 421,046 customers has been paid out by the betting site. betPawa were able to honour their commitment to guaranteed payments by settlingall winning betslips.

One of the most notable wins was shillings 277 Million from a shillings 50,000 stake, for betting on 27 legs.

A further 7,568 customers won at least shillings 1 million or more. Across Africa, the company, which operates in 11 markets, had a record 27,938 of their customers become millionaires over the last ten days.

Uganda Country Marketing Manager Ivy Igunduura said: “Guaranteed payouts are pivotal to our mission to make betting friendly. We know how important it is for customers to be able to trust that they willget their winnings any time they win, so we’re pleased that even in a week of winning, unlike anything Uganda has ever seen before, we could honour that commitment to our customers.”

The high number of winners has seen betPawa, pay out a record amount of shillings 289.9 Billion ($77 Million) to customers across Africa during the 10-day period.

The betPawa brand is active in 11 countries in Africa, and is owned by Rwanda-based MchezoLimited. Mchezo recently signed an historic deal with FUFA to support football in Uganda, the partnership will see the Big League and Futsal gain new investment and will feature the betPawa brand as title sponsors.

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