Amin deserves his flowers

By Adam Mayambala

A section of politicians and political analysts have said the former president of Uganda Amin Dada deserves to be remembered for the good he did for Uganda just like Museveni will be remembered for the good and bad.

They say many of the evils Amin is crucified for also happened in the Museveni regime. This followed the president's letter addressed to the Ministry of Education rejecting accrediting the proposed institute named after Idi Amin by Westnilers.

In an interview with NBS TV, The spokesperson of The central organization committee of the proposed Idi Amin Memorial Institute Kaps Fungaroo who is a former legislator for Obongi County says it's unfair for Museveni to reject their proposal.

" What are you telling us, Mr. President? That we should forget you also?" said Fungaroo.

Former Deputy IGG Wasswa Lule and Busiro East MP Medard Ssegona say some of the issues addressed in the president's letter like the killings are also happening in the Museveni regime.

"The killings addressed in the letter are still here with us, the government took War Veteran Naduli's son and by the time he was released it was too late for any treatment he died, the massacres in Kumi, Mukura and Bucuro, very many people are comparing Museveni to Amin" Wasswa Lule said.

Kaps Fungaroo says that Amin made enormous contributions to Uganda in terms of infrastructure and the economy which need to be recognised giving examples of the Uganda Railway, the Uganda Airlines, road infrastructure and Ugandan embassies abroad.

Amin's 8-year tenure was without a parliament and a judiciary which Museveni later says his rule was unconstitutional and illegal, however, Wasswa Lule and Ssegona say even the current ones are as good as dead.

Fungaroo says some of the issues addressed in the president's letter when he speaks of Amin killing the Acholi and Lango soldiers are intended to incite the people of West Nile and those of Acholi and Lango against each other.

He says the government has for long deliberately marginalized the people of Westline punishing them for the atrocities committed during the Amins regime and therefore establishing the institute is an act of self-help in the area

One of Amin's youngest sons Hussein Lumumba Amin has taken a swipe at President Museveni for vilifying his father.

" I genuinely even doubted that such fake news was written by you. Please clarify! If it was, as a procedural matter, you forgot to indicate which specific laws of Uganda underpin your action in this letter. It seems like some angry incompetent person airing out their own disgruntled opinion from a government office," said Amin

Husein Amin also alluded that up to now Ugandans are facing the same state abductions and killings.

"The families of these disappeared innocent civilian elites and the people of Uganda at large can then have the historic sombre privilege of offering all your victims, including possibly other more recent ones like NUP party activist John Bosco Kibalama, a befitting state funeral in their respective home grounds"

Amin's regime is considered by many to be a dictatorial regime where 100s of thousands have been allegedly killed, the question remains as to whether Amin should be remembered.

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