International Trade Centre, EU join forces to boost Uganda’s film industry

The International Trade Centre and European Union have today announced a business acceleration project for young entrepreneurs in the Ugandan film industry.

The project dubbed Opportunities are Here’ (OAH), will focus on boosting the Ugandan film industry to provide young talents in Uganda with specialised mentoring, networking opportunities and media exposure that will promote growth, job creation, entrepreneurship and innovation within the film industry.

During the unveil of the project, ITC spoke to the vast potential within the realm of filmmaking and highlighted the growth of streaming platforms, increased accessibility to affordable digital equipment, as well as the high potential for youth employment among the factors influencing the EU and ITC’s strategic decision to support the industry's growth.

Opportunities are Here will aim at invigorating and professionalising the Ugandan film sector through delivering expert skills development, capacity building for creative businesses, and developing regional and international market access.

The approach involves the nurturing of skills among content creators and equipping young creatives with the skills to produce and market high-quality original Ugandan content.

The project will forge connections with creative ecosystems and aim to  enhance  access to global markets, ultimately fostering a more robust and internationally competitive film industry.

According to the International Trade Centre through this project, filmmakers will get exposure to tactics aimed at enhancing financial opportunities for the industry, addressing one of the most pertinent issues that several Ugandan filmmakers encounter.

The European Union Ambassador to Uganda Jan Sadek hailed the project.

“Uganda has one of the youngest populations in the world and we see every day, the vibrancy, energy and creativity of young artists and entrepreneurs. With this new initiative, the European Union is keen on channelling this creative energy into supporting the film industry and creating jobs for Uganda’s young people,” Sadek said.



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