Kasolo jailed for life for kidnapping, murdering Maria Nagirinya

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The High Court in Kampala has sentenced Copriyam Kasolo, the mastermind of the kidnap and murder of social worker Maria Nagirinya and her driver Ronald Kitayimbwa to year life  imprisonment

The same court also sentenced his fellow mastermind, Johnson Lubega alias Manomano to life imprisonment over the offence.

“There are no clear explanations why they committed the offences apart from motivation to get money. The murder was gruesome, terrible and no amount of punishment can compensate for the lives of the deceased but there is need to deter others from committing similar offences. The two were not not remorseful at all throughout the trial. There is need for deterrence in order to discourage other offenders against similar offences against members of the public,” Justice Isaac Muwata said on Thursday afternoon.

The judge said life sentence is severe enough to save society from the acts of the two convicts .

They were sentenced to life imprisonment for each of the counts of kidnap, murder and aggravated robbery but said the sentences are to run concurrently.

The judge also sentenced each of Sharif Mpanga, Nassif Kalyango alias Muwonge and Hassan Kisekka alias Masadda to 30 years imprisonment.

Justice Muwata said the trio was remorseful throughout the trial and no evidence was brought to show they actively participated in the commission of the offences.

“There is need to give them chance to reform. Each of the convicts is free to appeal against the conviction or sentence in 14 days in the Court of Appeal,” Justice Muwata said.


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