Village chairman issues MP Ssekikubo stern warning over fuelling conflicts

The Local Council I chairperson for Nkonge Village in Makoole Parish, Kyera Sub County in Lwemiyaga Ssembabule District, Muhammad Lugoloobi has issued a stern warning against area Member of Parliament Theodore Ssekikubo asking him never to do anything in the village unless with permission from his office.

This followed the arrest of five residents over a land dispute involving the legislator.

Those arrested include; Muccunguzi Emanuel, Ssenjuya Charles, Mbaziira John, Peter Natamba and another identified as Milton.

Trouble is siad to have started from a quarrel over a road linking to Kyakakyunda and Mpumudde. The said road passed through the land measuring 30 acres belonging to one of the residents identified as Molly Bikatambire, who is also the mother of those arrested.

These claim that Ssekikubo has ordered for the unblocking of the road with an aim of taking Bikatambire’s land.

According Lugoloobi the road was previously used as a short cut mostly by the herders who were taking their cattle for watering but in 2001 the road was closed following disputes.

Chairman Lugoloobi Muhammad showing the road that has brought disputes

“The members of Ntusi Parish argued that the road was taking part of their land, despite our insistance they did not listen. Using Ssekikubo, they threatened to sue us if we opened the road, they said it would be criminal trespass. We therefore agreed to close the road,” Lugoloobi said.

Lugoolobi said that he was left shocked when the same Ssekikubo who proposed the closure of the road returned last Saturday accompanied by police officers to open the road without informing either parties.

Lugoolobi accuses Ssekikubo of drawing a gun at him and issuing death threats.

‘I was not around but the residents called me saying that honorable is here with the police . They are unblocking the road that we blocked. I ran and I found honorable Ssekikubo with DPC Sembabule. I tried to ask them what happened but honorable just pulled out his pistol and pointed it at me saying he will kill me.’ Lugoloobi said.

He added that he received a call from DPC David Ndawula asking him to mobilize for him residents for a meeting, but to his surprise, the same DPC came following Ssekikubo and watched on.

Lugoloobi, said that although he initially was for opening the road, he also later realised that the legislator wanted to use it to rob the 30 acres belonging to Bikatambire which was given to her as a dicvorce settlement from her husband John Ssemanda.

Bakitambire claims that Ssemanda John, with whom she spent 40 years, gave her the land in writing after their divorce.

“My ex husband Mr. Ssemanda wedded another woman and left me without anything so I took the matter to authorities and we came up with a decision of giving me 30 acres of land on his 600 acres. On my 30 acres I decided to give 15 to my children and now the father wants to take them and Ssekikubo is the one who is supporting my ex-husband,” Bikatambire said.

LC1 chairperson Nkonge village Lugoloobi Muhammad second left and some of the residents

Sembabule Police Commander Ndawula David, confirmed the arrest of the five residents saying that the suspects were excessively violent against their father Ssemanda and they will be charged for trespass.

Ndawula David confirmed that Ssekikubo had the pistol in self-defence but advised residents to take the case to the police for investigations.

Our attempts to get a comment from Hon. Theodore Ssekikubo on what the residents are accusing him were futile as our calls to him were not answered but the Sembabule Police Commander Ndawula David confirmed that the MP had  the pistol in self-defence but advised residents to take the case to the police for investigations.

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