I have heard court’s decision but I don’t agree with it, says Kasolo after conviction

Copriyamu Kasolo who was on Thursday convicted of kidnapping and murdering social worker, Maria Nagirinya and her driver, Ronald Kitayimbwa has told High Court that he is not satisfied with its judgement.

Justice Isaac Muwata said in his judgement said all evidence pins Kasolo on being the mastermind of the plot to kidnap and later murder Nagirinya and her driver.

He consequently convicted him together with four others.

Speaking during mitigation, without any sign of remorse, Kasolo told court that he doesn’t agree with its judgement.

“I first want to tell court that it has used its expertise to convict me but I insist I didn’t do it and I am going to appeal in the next court since am not satisfied with its judgment,” Kasolo said.

Speaking in court, fellow convicts, Hassan Kisekka, Sharif Mpanga and Nassif Kalyango alias Muwonge  told court they are sorry for everything that happened.

“I want to apologise to this court. I am a boda boda rider. Kasolo and Lubega, Ssenabulya Isaac came asking to take me but told them I didn’t have motorcycle and gave them to my colleague I didn’t know they were wrongdoers. I ask for a lenient sentence,” Kisekka told court.

According to Julius Sserwambala, Johnson Lubega’s lawyer, asked court to be lenient while handing sentences to him.

He said there was no premeditation by Lubega , adding that there is no evidence to prove he was a leader in B13 criminal gang found in Mabiito in Nateete as said by the prosecutors.

“This is not a rare of the rarest case and no evidence to prove maximum sentence of death should be handed.  Both state attorneys have concurred that Lubega is first offender and no evidence brought in court to show there was any criminal record against him,” Serwambala told court.

He asked the judge not to be persuaded to sentence him to death since this will not help rehabilitate him and reintegrate him in society.

“He is a young person only 23 years who has a likelihood of reforming and therefore court should follow this while passing its sentence. If Isaac Ssenabulya who pleaded guilty to the offences was sentenced to only 40 years and it is my prayer that while sentencing Lubega he is given lenient sentence not more than 40 years,”Sserwambala told court.

Speaking on behalf of Kisekka, Mpanga and Kalyango, lawyer Geofrey Serwanga asked court to be lenient while sentencing them since they are first time offenders and are of youthful and useful age.

He asked court not to be swayed to sentence them to death since this will not give them chance to reform.

“All civilized countries are against the death sentence because it dehumanizes and the convict has no chance of reform which is the core purpose of sentencing . The execution of the death sentence is also irreversible. I ask court to give them a lenient sentence,” Serwanga said.

Justice Muwata said he would deliver his sentence in an hour’s time.

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