Police rescues children kidnapped over Shs 150 million

The police using its flying squad has rescued two children who were kidnapped by two men from Herb Kindergarten School in Nsangi, Wakiso.

The children, Ahmed Buwema and Hadijja Nayigaga are biological son and daughter of Kibirige Twaha and Nabunya Farridah of Nsangi division Wakiso district.

According to the commandant flying squad, ACP Herbert Muhangi who headed the operation, the police received information that two kids were kidnapped from Nsangi by people who are not their parents.

Muhangi said that the management of the school told him that some two people came to school and demanded for the children and left their contacts behind.

He added that the kidnappers after taking away the children started calling the parents and demanded Shs 150 million or else they will never see their children.

Muhangi said that his team of investigators started tracking them as the parents continued to bargain with them until when they agreed on a figure of 80 million.

“When the kidnappers came to receive the money, plain clothes police officers not descended on them and arrested them on spot”, Muhangi said.

The suspected kidnappers were later identified as Reagan Kibuuka and Emmanuel Kiweewa all residents of Rukaya in Masaka district.

Muhangi told The Nile Post that cases of kidnap of children have become rampant especially as unscrupulous people try to find ways of making money.

Kibuuka and Kiweewa are currently detained at central police station as investigations into the matter continue.

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