“Cut the crap”- Baryomunsi scoffs at AFCON 2027 critics

“Cut the crap”- Baryomunsi scoffs at AFCON 2027 critics
Dr. Chris Baryomunsi

The Minister for ICT and National Guidance, Dr. Chris Baryomunsi has scoffed at critics whom he said have politicized Uganda and East Africa winning the bid to host the 2027 edition of the African Nations Cup.

Addressing journalists on Tuesday, Baryomunsi described the critics as self- seekers but was quick to laugh at them for their fruitless efforts.

“If you are a patriotic Ugandan, you should be proud that Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania have won the bid to host AFCON 2027. It is something all of us should be proud of. Some Ugandans are wired differently that they hate their country as if they have another home or country,” Baryomunsi said.

Following the announcement of the bid to host the AFCON 2027 jointly with Kenya and Tanzania, a section of Ugandans expressed doubt that the country will be ready to host the most prestigious football tournament on the continent.

Many opined that Uganda shouldn’t have been added onto those to host the tournament, adding that there is nothing to show in terms of preparations.

Others insisted that Uganda doesn’t have capacity in terms of infrastructure to host the tournament with others saying that it in opportunity to steal money.

Speaking on Tuesday, Minister Baryomunsi warned Ugandans against politicizing everything.

“There are those who would want to see Uganda in flames burning and would be happy but we pray for them to get on the right track. Are they saying Uganda should have lost the bid so that they are happy? Therefore, we can ably handle the tournament,” Baryomunsi.

“Those talking are idlers who just want to give themselves work. Politics has spoiled Ugandans that they think everything has to be politicised. This is wrong perception. There are things we should not policies. This is something that should unite and make us proud as Ugandans.”

The minister allayed fears that by 2027 Uganda will not be ready to host the tournament, noting that there is a plan in place to ensure the country successfully host AFCON.

“ They can criticize and say anything but the world will move. I want to assure you we will be ready by 2027. It is only a question of planning and budgeting.”



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