Police preach crime prevention to avert school strikes in West Nile

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In a bid to reduce on the crimes among schools in West Nile, the regional police has embarked on sensitization of students about crime prevention.

This was initiated by the Regional Police Commander West Nile, Eddie Sserunjogi who led a team of Police officers to St Mary's Girls SSS Ediofe, Arua City for a sensitization meeting with student leaders from the region on Sunday.

According to police, this sensitization exercise will be roled out across all schools in the region to instill dicipline and prevent crime amongst students and school administrators.

While at St Mary’s, the police commander handled a topic on the role of student leaders in detecting and preventing crime in schools, and in his remarks, he said that preventing crime is better than acting when crime is already committed.

He explained to them causes of crimes especially strikes in schools which include unfulfilled expectations by the administration of schools, communication gap between students and administrators, influence of teaching and non teaching staffs, exposure to social media, peer group effect, substance abuse among others.

He further highlighted some of the roles of student leaders in crime prevention that include being peace advocates, being exemplary and role models to the students they lead, bridging the gap between administration and the students, guiding the students and advicing the administrators, sharing timely information and being positive influencers.

Meanwhile, the regional spokesperson Josephine Angucia highlighted some of the common crimes in schools that the student leaders need to detect and report which include thefts, assaults, grievous harm, defilement, rape, indecent assaults, threatening violence, inciting violence, criminal trespass, drug abuse, arson, riots, insulting the modesty of a woman, homosexuality among other.

She urged the student leaders to detect such crimes by observing the behaviors of the students and their environment, and then report to administration for timely and proper management.

“Use your leadership responsibilities to enforce discipline among the students without fear or favor, prefects should advice, guide, counsel, and resolve minor conflicts among the students,” she emphasized.

The PRO hinted on the importance of crime free environment in schools that include academic excellence, growth of morally upright students, preservation of life and property, reduced fear of crime and panic, breeding ground for excellent future leaders.

The police team also included the Regional Community Liason Officer for West Nile and that of Arua central bussiness division, the Regional Legal and Human Rights Officer.

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