Leaders, Educators in Acholi welcome education system review


Leaders and teachers in the Acholi sub-region have welcomed a move by the Ministry of Education and Sports to review the education curriculum of Uganda, they revealed this at the consultative tour conducted by the Education Policy Review Commission - EPRC in the district of Nwoya.

The team of commissioners led by the commission deputy, Dr. Joseph Muvawala visited district leaders, technocrats, schools and opinion leaders in the Nwoya and Kitigum districts with the intention of collecting views and recommendations on how education should be.

While at Nwoya district headquarters, the Senior District Education Officer, Oryema Phillip expressed happiness that Uganda's education system is being reviewed, Oryema advised the commission to analyze the issue of time learners spent in School citing other countries producing graduates at the age of seventeen years.

"I Would like to advise the education policy review commission to analyze the time learners spend in school such that we use it effectively. The country should emulate other countries' systems that produce graduates at the age of seventeen" Said Oryema.

Oryema adds that the curriculum should take effect in teachers' training colleges and universities such that the teachers' government produces a positive impact on learners by transmitting ICT and technological knowledge to children to influence our economic development and improve the country's production.

"The review on the curriculum should also be taken to universities and teachers training colleges where teachers are trained so that the content they study is relevant with the current curriculum" Oryema added.

At Purongo Seed Secondary School in Nwoya district, Daniel Ogwal said reviewing the education system of Uganda was long overdue because the current curriculum is engulfed with a number of issues, in his personal view he noted that such challenges will be addressed by the new curriculum.

Orach Emanuel, the chairperson of Nwoya district expressed his disappointment with a colonial system of education imposed on us, citing learners waking up every day at 3.AM with large bags of books for a period of 20 years, Orach said the government should emulate Western country's system of identifying talents within the children when they are young.

"We need to identify talents in children and develop them from their infancy stage and the only way to transform the next generation" Said, Orach.

Speaking to Dr. Joseph Muvawala the Deputy Chairperson of the Education Policy Review Commission, he said that based on consultative meetings so far made in various regions, it is crystal clear that Ugandans want the education system reviewed.

He added that people would like an education system that answers the peculiar problems of Uganda, they want an education system that protects the country's identity and so many other expectations.

The Education Policy Review Commission - EPRC, was established in 2021, by the Minister of Education and Sports Janet Kataaha Museveni, with Hon. Col (rtd) Amanya Mushega as its chairperson.

The is currently traversing the country with the purpose of the consultation is to collect views, proposals and recommendations from various stakeholders, to shape Uganda's education and sports policy.

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