Amuriat must face disciplinary action, says Katonga FDC faction

Amuriat must face disciplinary action, says Katonga FDC faction
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The faction of Forum for Democratic Change(FDC) that sits at Katonga road and headed by Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has said Patrick Amuriat must face disciplinary action for putting the party into disrepute.

Addressing journalists on Monday, Lukwago who was appointed as the acting president said the delegates conference last week passed several resolutions, among which included disciplining Amuriat for his actions.

“We want to reiterate that the former party president (Patrick Amuriat) was suspended and a resolution was made that disciplinary proceedings ensue. We  are working on putting  in place necessary modalities to implement that resolution .You shall not commit a wrong and go scot-free .You shall not fragrantly  violate the party constitution with recklessness and go away without any sanction,” Lukwago said.

He said leaving Amuriat walk away without being reprimanded would be a negation of the values that the founders of FDC championed, noting this can’t happen.

“It will be a betrayal of this party’s founders if one was left to violate party constitution with reckless

Gang at Najjanankumbi

A delegates conference held in Busabaala last week suspended Amuriat at the FDC president and appointed Lukwago as the interim president for a period of six months.

Describing the leadership at Najjankumbi led by Patrick Amuriat and Nandala Mafabi, Lukwago on Monday insisted that his interim leadership was tasked to revive the party that he said had been taken to the dogs.

“We are living no stone unturned, we are burning midnight candles and working around the clock to execute the mandate entrusted to us. We were given six months within which to accomplish a lot,” Lukwago said.

“We were assigned a duty to bring party back on rail and we are vigorously pursuing that . The party had been derailed by that gang. Our determination to bring back the party will not in any way waiver in the pursue of the ideals enshrined in the party constitution.”

In the same regard, Lukwago announced a National Executive Committee(NEC) delegates conference set for Thursday, September, 28 at Katonga road that he said will among others release the roadmap for fresh party elections.

He said the electoral commission chaired by former Nakawa MP, Michael Kabaziguruka will release the roadmap on that day in a bid to elect new party structure leaders.



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