The task ahead of Lukwago as FDC’s interim President

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Forum for Democratic Change interim president Erias Lukwago has revealed that a party roadmap to restore sanity is ready.

This is as he indicates that they are now ready to challenge the Toterebuka conference in court. However, the Nandala faction has warned that they might not get any remedy.

Erias Lukwago is currently at the helm of the top leadership of the Forum for Democratic Change but, as acting president.

Under him is Herald Kaija the now Secretary General acting and Francis Mwijukye the now treasurer general.

An interim electoral commission under the leadership of former Mp Nakawa Micheal Kabaziguruka has been constituted with Jack Wamai Wamanga as Deputy, Ogongson , and Elizabeth Kyewalabye as commissioners.

Speaking after his appointment, Lukwago said that the team is working on specific deliverables and an agenda will be released soon.

Recalibration, summoning party members' spirits, and rallying troops according to Lukwago are a toll order but these are what they resolve to base on in the rescue mission or the party. However, the faction paying allegiance to the suspended secretary General and president insists they can not recognize the leadership under Lukwago.

Former Kasese Municipality MP Robert Centenary who also acts as a spokesperson for the Amuriat camp decried the manner in which Lukwago was appointed.

“The method of installation leaves a lot to desire. Take it with contempt,” he said.

Centenary and group have cautioned that the illegal leadership of Lukwago and others are likely to face the same wrath from the court.

“If their lead counsel did not learn from the previous humiliation,  he risks the same,” Centenary said.

To Lukwago it does not surprise him that these are celebrating a judgment from a proxy suit which they claimed was against them.

“All the process to court for the illegal meeting on 6th October is a work in progress. Bamwenda has no powers and we shall challenge them within the constitution of the party,” Lukwago said.

Political analyst Dr Patrick Wakida argues the bigger task for the new leadership is accessing the party headquarters coupled with building confidence in the members.

“The first task is to access Najjanankumbi,  building confidence among supporters and uniting the different groups.”

Wakida insists that those claiming to retain the leadership in the captured headquarters do not have the support to run the party. To him if the state machinery acting in the spirits of the suspended leaders insists, a new brain will have to emerge as a party in the FDC.

"A new brand or re-branding of FDC on another name. The name FDC might not continue to appeal."



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