Ridex to enhance access to affordable, sustainable transport in remote areas

Bihama Vedaste, the Chief Executive Officer of Ridex Technologies Limited, has expressed the company's mission to serve underserved populations in rural areas.

Recently launched in Uganda, the Ridex Application aims to provide convenient services to people across the country, particularly in remote regions.

The application will not only facilitate access to affordable and sustainable transport but also ensure a superior experience for both riders and drivers nationwide.

According to company officials, the new application will offer rides at a 30% lower cost compared to competitors, while also providing drivers with a higher payout of up to 70% or more.

"Our pricing is based on the performance of the business, but the standard rate is Shs 7000 per month, regardless of additional features. This ensures consistency for service providers," stated Vedaste.

Emphasizing the company's dedication to customer confidentiality, Ridex will securely store customer data, minimizing exposure to unauthorized third parties.

"Rest assured, your information is safe and secure with us. To protect your privacy, we have implemented a structured system that limits access to specific individuals, ensuring accountability and preventing misuse of information."

In addition to its existing services, Ridex plans to introduce new features, including mechanic support and emergency response for households.

"Within the next month or two, we will be launching two services. One will focus on road-side repair emergency services, while the other will provide general repair assistance," explained Vedaste.

He further elaborated that the repair service will enable users to locate nearby mechanics who can provide assistance, while the road-side emergency service will cater to situations where a vehicle breaks down away from home.

Demonstrating its commitment to sustainability, Ridex will plant trees for every ten years of service a rider completes.

Ridex joins a growing number of mobility and shipment service providers, aiming to improve accessibility and convenience for people in various locations.

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